Valentine’s Day Memories

Hey Everybody,

It’s great to see you stopping in for some Valentine’s Day fun and excitement!

We have a Valentine’s Day tradition at my house when neither of us has dates, and this year sadly, we don’t. We started this accidentally when we were just kids. Our parents were going out for a night on the town without us. (Can you imagine parents wanting to be alone on Valentine’s Day? Whoda thunk it?)

Our babysitter was our 19-year-old cousin, and she told our parents that she’d rather spend the evening with us than have a date with a boy. Now, I don’t know whether or not that was true, but we believed it then. We ordered Chinese take-out, and our daddy had given us some tiny little hearts full of candy. So we watched Edward Scissorhands on the VCR and snuggled together on the couch, delicately picking out one little piece of candy at a time, until we fell asleep.

These days, we still get Chinese take-out and re-watch our all-time favorite romance movies. We go in halves on a gorgeous vase of flowers and some wine. I buy her chocolate covered strawberries, and she gets me Godiva. OMG, who doesn’t absolutely love Godiva?

Titanic is too long to get a Valentine’s Day showing because we have to fit in three or four movies for our night to feel complete, but we love it, nonetheless.

The Notebook has been making it on the playlist the last few years. It’s just, so, uh…

We grew tired of watching When Harry Met Sally, but then one year, we looked at each other and were like, “I miss it.” So sometimes it still makes the list.

My favorite new romance is The Proposal. Sandy B and Betty White are the best!

Pretty Woman and My Best Friend’s Wedding— We have probably spent more hours with Julia Roberts on V-Day than her own husband.

My all-time favorite romance movie is a treasure from the pen of Nicholas Sparks, Message in a Bottle, even though I’m still pissed that he ****. Oh snap, spoiler alert! What’s your favorite? Tell me in the comments!

I am working on The Witch’s Noblemen Trilogy about a darling sweet young witch who gets rescued by TWO dashing noblemen. How sexy is that? Oh yeah, you’re really going to enjoy reading about their adventures together.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

❤ Harley

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